Health Guarantee and Contract

Bishop Kennels guarantees your puppy to be healthy at delivery.  Bishop Kennels will provide all of this puppy’s previous vet check info and vaccination records with delivery.

Bishop Kennels Health Guarantee and Contract

This guarantee is provided for the protection of both the Buyer and the Seller.

Bishop Kennels makes no Guarantee that this puppy is show quality or breeding stock as this cannot be determined at such a young age. There is no Guarantee on the adult size or color of this puppy as either can be affected by diet and possible shadings of the colors that cannot be controlled by us (or any breeder).

Bishop Kennels sells all puppies as “pet only” unless otherwise agreed upon and written into this guarantee. This puppy is sold with the understanding that it will live indoors and be part of your family. The buyer agrees to never sell said puppy to a pet shop, broker or puppy mill.  In the event that the buyer is unable to keep said puppy for any reason, the seller will gladly take said puppy back BUT no cash refund will be given.

The Purchaser has 72 hours from the time he or she receives physical custody of the puppy to get the puppy checked by a Veterinarian and a copy of the report sent to us within five days following the exam to validate your health guarantee. If a health problem is found, you may return the puppy accompanied by a licensed veterinarian report along with all paperwork, including registration papers, to the seller and your puppy will be replaced*.

Buyer is responsible for continued care of this puppy including but not limited to: continuing puppy vaccinations, worming, and heartworm prevention.  If buyer fails to do so, all warranties on this puppy are null and void.

In the event that this puppy develops a serious genetic defect within one year of the puppies date of birth, the breeder will require a written report from a licensed veterinarian with proof of the disorder.  The said puppy can be returned and your puppy will be replaced*.

If a congenital defect is suspected in a puppy death, a necropsy, at the buyers expense will be required and a copy of this report MUST be sent to Bishop Kennels within 7 days to validate this health guarantee.  If a congenital defect is shown to be the cause of death, your puppy will be replaced*.

This guarantee is not assignable and is not valid if the puppy/dog is sold to a third party or if the puppy/dog has been bred before the age of 18 months.

This Limited Health Guarantee covers the cost of the puppy and the breeder is not responsible for any associated charges, such as vet fees, tests, reports, treatments, or any transportation cost or related expenses from receiving or returning puppy.

This guarantee is not assignable and is not valid if the puppy/dog is sold to a third party or if the puppy/dog has been bred before the age of 18 months.

* The puppy will be replaced with the next available puppy of the same breed and comparable quality when one is available and this may take up to one year.  No monetary refunds will be made. Puppies are guaranteed against life threatening congenital defects i.e. we do not cover adverse reactions to vaccinations, open fontanels, parvo, parasites, luxating patellas, trachea problems, giardia, coccidia, descending testicles, hernias, hypoglycemia or allergic reactions as these can involve trauma or environmental issues. Any and all veterinarian expenses incurred determining the problem/health status of the puppy will be the sole responsibility of the buyer.

Deposits are Non-refundable.
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Name of puppy’s dam:                                          Dam’s certificate #
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