Puppy Care

Fresh water and food needs to be available to your puppy at all times.  Any sudden changes in your puppy’s diet can cause diarrhea.  If you find the need to make dietary changes – make them slowly to allow your puppy time to adjust.  Adult dogs are usually fed once or twice a day however tiny puppies need to eat frequently. They must eat  small meals  every few hours to maintain blood sugar levels.  A drop in blood sugar can result in hypoglycemia.  This is a serious condition that, if left untreated,  can lead to death .  If you notice your puppy acting depressed, weak, or lethargic, unsteady on their feet or glassy eyed, immediately administer 1/2 teaspoon of white Karo Syrup.  Your vet should then take a look at the puppy to be sure that blood sugar levels have been restored to an acceptable level.

Your new puppy needs plenty of rest.  After an hour or so of play time, allow them to rest in a quiet area set aside for them.  Many people find that a small size collapsible crate is the perfect safe sleeping/resting area for small puppies.  Most owners find that these also help with  housetraining issues.  We have found that if left accessible most of our puppies and even our grown dogs will eagerly go into their crates when tired or stressed.  Just remember that if you want to use the crate as a tool in training you must never use it as a punishment and the length of time they spend in a closed crate needs to be adjusted by age.  Crate training can take alittle time and patience, but we think it is well worth the effort.

Do not allow your new puppy to socialize with pets outside of your home as the other animals may be sick or have diseases often not noticed yet by their owner but that could be passed on to your puppy. Puppies are not fully protected until they have had their full course of vaccinations.  Do not put your puppy on the ground in strange areas as Parvo or other infectious diseases could be present there and could also be passed on to your puppy.

Please remember that proper health care, immunizations  and vet checks are a requirement of our Health Guarantee and are a neccesary part of having a healthy, happy puppy.

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